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SciFi-Fantasy Mixed Genre?

June 10th, 2009

Today I was wondering whether there’s a genre that could be called SciFi-Fantasy. To use the stereotypes, there would be wizard and elf like characters using modern (or more advanced) technology, flying spacecrafts or travelling through mysterious stargates between worlds… Demons installing daemons in the server room, and god-like super-powerful deities posting videocasts for their “followers”.

Traditionally wizards & Co. always appear in sort-of-ancient settings without any technology. But combining the power of yet-to-be-developed tech stuff and fantastic abilities might make for interesting stories, if e.g. your programming wizard in the office is in fact a master computer programmer and a wizard who operates the machines but occasionally drops an incantation when one of his programs breaks ;)

If you are aware of such literature, please drop me a note — I’d like to read something along those lines.

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